Try Superior makes significant conveyor idler redesign

Superior Industries has unveiled “the most significant redesign to conveyor idlers in decades.” This update is backed by a substantial $4.5 million investment in cutting-edge idler manufacturing equipment at its American production locations.

“Tens of thousands of Superior idlers are installed on our own conveyors every year, so roll performance really, really matters,” emphasized Jason Adams, president of Superior.

“The new idler exceeds our own high performance standards and we’re excited for other conveyor owners and operators to benefit from this upgrade.”

Superior invites industry stakeholders to explore their new advancements in conveyor idler technology.

According to Superior Industries, these are the key innovations of the new design:

Ironclad Weld Joint at Tube to End Disc

  • Flush end disc prevents material entrapment between roll and frame.
  • Weld bead is securely housed within the roll’s structure, ensuring added durability.
  • Modern, robotic welding for greater weld penetration and extreme consistency.
  • Revamped Designs of Idler Bearing Seals
  • A decade of rigorous testing results in an unmatched bearing protection system.
  • Lifespan of standard bearing seals surpasses all other models tested.
  • Premium Titanium Seal provides extended longevity for demanding applications.

Major Upgrade to Idler Manufacturing

  • Improving industry-leading pace, Superior achieves new heights in manufacturing speed.
  • Manufacturing production rate of standard and custom idlers sees 35% increase.
  • ntegration of robotic manufacturing ensures a level of consistency previously unseen.

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