BQE Water completes Selen-IX pilot

BQE Water has reported the successful completion of on-site pilot demonstration of its patented Selen-IX process at Coeur Mining’s Wharf open-pit mine in the northern Black Hills of South Dakota. The project is now fast-tracked for full-scale implementation later this year.

The pilot phase of the project involved a rapid deployment, start-up, and continuous operation of BQE’s mobile Selen-IX unit on site. The Selen-IX process combines ion exchange and electrochemical reduction to selectively remove selenium from mining wastewater down to single-digit ppb levels.

“I am very proud of our technical team for delivering yet another flawless pilot project execution in close collaboration with the client’s operations personnel to meet and exceed all project objectives,” said David Kratochvil, BQE Water president and CEO. “This project also demonstrates the unique value of the Selen-IX process for clients with short timelines to reach environmental compliance by treating water at design capacity and producing target effluent water quality immediately after start-up. 

“This feature is critical for Wharf as it fast tracks the full-scale treatment implementation in accordance with the mine permit, and BQE is committed to delivering technical excellence through all stages of the project and [will] have a fifth Selen-IX plant in operation as soon as possible.”

Source: BQE

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