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CO2Meter offers portable welding gas analyzer

NAM StaffMar 11, 20233 min read

CO2Meter has released its new portable CO2 welding gas analyzer that verifies correct CO2 concentrations in welding gases mixes. The…

BME takes blasting science another digital step

NAM StaffMar 11, 2023

To achieve optimal blasting results for mining efficiency, mines need real-time data from their blasting blocks. BME’s new generation XPLOLOG…

Connected gas detector with new CatEx sensor

NAM StaffMar 11, 2023

Dräger has unveiled its X-am 2800 multi-gas detector for personal monitoring, which can measure up to four gases and is…

Orica introduces newest OREPro 3D Predict software

NAM StaffMar 11, 2023

Orica has announced the release of its latest OREPro 3D Predict modeling software that predicts blast movement in near real-time…