Nevada Gold Mines, Dingo renew decades-long partnership

Barrick-Nevada Gold Mines Operations (NGM) has recommitted itself to its predictive maintenance strategy for dozens of its miners with Dingo, the latter recently announced.

The companies, which have been working together in partnership for more than 20 years, will advance continuous improvement initiatives, improve efficiencies, communicate findings from condition intelligence reviews and create actions to improve machine health under the extended agreement.

Dingo’s Trakka software is in use at more than a dozen Nevada Gold Mines locations. Jess Sanchez, NGM senior asset health specialist, noted that one of the key benefits since integrating Trakka is the opportunity for development and change as knowledge and technologies evolve.

“Over the years, Dingo and NGM have developed custom reports, apps, modifications, and updates, highlighting Trakka’s capabilities and Dingo’s commitment to growth and teamwork. Trakka allows the asset management team at NGM to easily identify components or compartments that are indicating issues, based on the alert profiles. 

“The integration … brings together all pertinent data in one system, in a centralized view, while Component Profiles retain important data, such as manufacturer, model component oil types, cost, capacity, and more. We have worked together to develop a robust system for analyzing oil sample data, integrating systems, reviewing equipment trend data, tracking, recording and reporting machine health.”

Source: Dingo 

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