Maptek gives sight to underground miners

Australian-based Maptek has launched VisionV2X: a reliable, underground safety detection system aligned with global safety guidelines.

“The Maptek proximity awareness system has underground safety as the key objective. It can be fitted to any vehicle across a mixed manufacturer fleet that is commonly deployed in underground mines,” said Maptek CEO Eduardo Coloma.

At the heart of VisionV2X is a simple, intuitive interface that operators can rely on for visible and audible alerts around the proximity of at-risk personnel and vehicles. Detailed proximity data is logged onboard the vehicle and sent back to a central server for analysis and reporting, helping to deliver continual improvement in risk management and worker safety. 

Maptek said VisionV2X applies the latest dynamic meshing Wi-Fi technology tailored for conditions underground. It provides reliable ranging and communications across all levels of activity, including non-line-of-sight and around corners.

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