BQE Water commissions largest Selen-IX plant

Photo: BQE Water

BQE Water has completed the commissioning phase and transitioned to the operating phase of its largest Selen-IX plant at an undisclosed base metal mine in the southwestern United States. 

The water treatment plant is expected to run year-round and treat up to 4,500 gallons of water per minute. The Selen-IX process technology treats mine impacted waters, removing selenium to below 2 ppb (parts per billion), as well as dissolved metals, in compliance with applicable effluent quality regulations.

“I would like to congratulate our team on achieving this significant milestone in a project where BQE Water acted as a single point of accountability for clean water production from the initial treatability assessment through piloting, permitting, design and commissioning to operations,” said David Kratochvil, president and CEO of BQE Water. 

“The project showcases not only our technical expertise but also our ability to de-risk projects while working closely with our clients and other stakeholders.”

BQE Water’s Selen-IX units are compact modules with a small footprint and can be easily deployed in remote locations to treat multiple discharge points.

Source: BQE Water

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