All in this together

Support. A simple concept, but in truth it can be complex. One can support themselves, but it is much easier when there are others around to share support for one another. When that support is for the same main goal…well, that is a win-win.

The next time you attend an industry conference, look around. The speaker may be from operations, the research community, academia, or even a supplier talking about the advantages of his or her company’s product, but at every one of them, the audience – from many other facets of the mining community – offers support. Support by listening, by asking questions, by taking up a conversation after the discussion, and sometimes even by challenging a speaker’s point or questioning their methods.

Or, check out your next show. Support is not just in those deals being made, but also those collecting literature, talking about application ideas, networking exchanges and, yes, carrying around that company’s ‘swag’ during and after the event. (Who doesn’t have a pen, keychain, or can koozie from a supplier or mining company?)

Yes, active communication amongst ourselves about what happens in our industry is crucial to progress. Why? Because when we support each other, we acknowledge work being done by our colleagues and respect what they bring to the table. When the day ends, we’re all in this together – for the betterment of us all, and in scope, the advancement of mining.

If you look at right of this column, you’ll see some of the many groups and associations this publication supports. A significant advantage to that is: that support is mutual. We are often granted media access or invited to special events hosted by many of mining’s advocacy groups; we attend them as fellow advocates and to also cover the major topics in support of our readers, who in turn support us (and that’s not to mention the advertisers who support both).

You may notice a new logo on our masthead page, that being for the West Virginia Coal Association. As a publication that puts a spotlight on coal throughout the year, NAM is also hosting next year’s inaugural West Virginia Coal Show in conjunction with the WVCA’s 50th annual Coal Symposium in Charleston. We are proud to be association members, as well as the Friends of Coal organization, and are thrilled to be sharing the stage with WVCA and FOC from March 26-28, 2024. Exhibit space is going quickly – don’t wait too long to book your spot.

Moreover, our industry support here at NAM and SEMCO Publishing is steadfast; for 2024, we will be present and accounted for at events such as SME MINEXCHANGE 2024 in Phoenix, Ariz., the Elko Mining Expo in Nevada and, of course, MINExpo 2024 in Las Vegas. We are already doing both editorial and marketing plans for these and many more events, and hope you’ll join us with your editorial and advertising support.

“There is no ‘us’ and ‘them.’ It’s an illusion. We are all human beings, and we all have a responsibility to support one another.” – Roger Waters

Donna Schmidt
Editor, North American Mining magazine
[email protected]
(740) 624-4642
Twitter: @Dschmidt_NAM

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