CASPEO unveils online learning courses for mining

More than 35 years after introducing its flagship process simulator USIM PAC, CASPEO has launched a new e-learning platform of process engineering courses specifically designed for the mining industry and mineral processing engineering professionals.

The platform has been created to boost the knowledge of mining workers’ data analysis techniques and to meet mining companies’ needed challenges and skills by training processing engineers on advanced data analysis tools and approaches.

“Today, the mining industry is facing many challenges: lower grades, more complex deposits, market demands variation… In an over changing environment, mineral and metal processing companies are pushed to experiment new operational strategies without impacting the production,” the company noted, adding that process modeling and simulation both constitute the most powerful methods to design, scale-up and upgrade processing plants.

“These require analysis tools to estimate different configurations and also skilled people who have a general overview of processes across the entire value chain, from ores to metal.”

CASPEO also pointed out that, while mining’s future is linked to technology, there remains a labor shortage in many areas along with a declining number of graduated mining engineers.

The CASPEO e-learning platform consists of self-paced online courses on a range of topics including process design, process optimization and metal accounting, and is hands-on and self-paced.

The first available on-demand course proposes a path through two case studies to learn how to use modeling and simulation to design and optimize mineral processes. Through video lessons and quizzes, the trainees are invited to design a grinding and classification circuit, then work on the optimization of a grinding and flotation circuit. 

“The idea is to make it as easy as possible for people to improve their competencies through self-regulated learning. It helps students to get practical experience of skills, engineering graduates to enhance their employability, and professionals to advance their career. For companies, it is a way to train a large workforce at less cost, facilitate the integration of new engineers, secure a project launch and enhance individual commitment,” CASPEO officials said of the new release.

Currently, the CASPEO team is working on an on-demand training course on metallurgical accounting. The course will provide a clear understanding of what is metal accounting and explore the main stages to implement such a system.

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