Metso Outotec twinning with Geminex

Metso Outotec has launched Geminex, a science-based digital twin for efficient resource optimization and variability management.

Using the new release, customers can view alternative operational scenarios and parameters and efficiently simulate and test based on real data and the most accurate process models.

It is ideal for receiving invaluable information on both short- and long-term decision-making, and also permits operations to use resources in an optimal way while also considering both impacts and constraints.

The solution offers seamless sustainable operations for minerals as well as pyro- and hydrometallurgical processes, combining internal and external operational data.

“The increasing complexity of ores, the shorter global economic cycles and the faster changes in commodities demand, combined with strict sustainability targets, form an equation that requires a new toolbox to solve these challenges,” said Kari Heiskanen, technology director at Metso Outotec.

“The innovative Geminex digital twin supports our customers in designing and adjusting their processes in an agile manner.”

For simulation and production, Metso Outotec said, Geminex utilizes HSC process models that have already more than 20,000 users worldwide. These process models have been successfully implemented in hundreds of minerals and metals processing flowsheet development cases, and the same models are utilized in plant run-time optimization.

“In brief, the Metso Outotec Geminex provides a true end-to-end digital solution by enabling enriched decisions leading to optimized performance and resulting in tangible benefits for the customers’ operations,” explained Jari Moilanen, director for Minerals Processing Digital Solutions.

The Geminex digital twin is part of Metso Outotec’s Planet Positive portfolio.

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