CDE rolls out AquaCycle A2500 thickener

Wet processing equipment supplier CDE has introduced its largest, most advanced mater management system – and the first in its thickener line-up to feature a lattice bridge structure – with the AquaCycle A2500.

Designed in response to demand for a high-tonnage processor that ensures optimal efficiency along with minimal fines loss and maximum water recycling, the new release has a capacity of 2,500 cubic meters per hour.

CDE launched its A900 and A1500 in 2018 to provide a median alternative to its 600 m³/hr and 1,500 m³/hr models. The new A2500, with its increased capacity, also provides a lower rise rate, enabling operators to process challenging, harder to settle materials.

In addition to the lattice bridge structure, the new release also has an integrated monorail to offer better access to the motorized rake, gearbox and motor. It has a sludge capacity of 125 tonnes per hour and includes an adjustable rake lifting mechanism that has been reimagined and optimally spaced with redesigned blasé for improved conditioning.

“Powered by the motorized rake arm, the introduction of a new floating scum scraper, which is independent of the rake’s height, allows for the easy removal of unwanted foam, oil and light-weight trash,” CDE noted of the A2500. “Creating even radial flow to all regions of the A2500, a redesigned volute feedwell optimizes the incoming flow for improved flocculant performance.

The company also touts the model’s feed height as another advantage; at almost 6.7 m (6,690 mm), it simplifies upstream complexity, eliminating the need for expensive civils and helping to expedite the commissioning process.

The A2500 has a tank diameter of 20 m and a weight of 88 t when empty, and 1,150 t when full. Because it is part of the AquaCycle range, it significantly reduces costly water consumption by ensuring up to 90% of process water is recycled for immediate recirculation.

“It is increasingly important for materials processors to invest in an effective water management system that ensures a steady supply of clean water to their plants through cost-effective means,” said Darren Eastwood, Strategic Development director.

“The continued advancement of our pioneering wet processing solutions and leading-edge water management systems is supporting operators working in the natural processing and waste recycling sectors worldwide to overcome the challenges of washing in water-pressured or water scarce areas today.”

CDE is marking its 30th year in business in 2022.

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