Nevada selected for lithium extraction pilot plant project

Schlumberger New Energy revealed it will be developing a lithium extraction pilot plant in Clayton Valley, Nev., before the end of 2021.

Under its new venture, NeoLith Energy, the company said it will use the results from the pilot plant to optimize the design of a full-scale, commercial lithium production facility.

The production plant will utilize a technology of subsurface brine extraction and lithium production that can reduce water usage by more than 85% versus traditional methods, which will allow it to have a smaller environmental footprint.

“Nevada lithium resources present an excellent opportunity to demonstrate a leap in production efficiency with a more sustainable approach,” said Ashok Belani, executive vice president of Schlumberger New Energy. “Schlumberger’s expertise in the subsurface domain, development of process technology, and global deployment of technology at scale with various partners all play an important role in the innovation and efficiency of our DLE process. We are accelerating the deployment of our pilot plant in response to the high market demand for battery-grade lithium material.”

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