CR releases newest cast lip, the DE2553

CR has unveiled the latest in its DecaEdge cast lip line, the DE 2553, designed for use on wheel loaders.

The nine-station lip is ideal for large mining wheel loader buckets with capacities between 14 cu. meters and 20 cu. meters. Its development was in response to the popularity of CR’s DecaEdge 10 and 11 station cast lips.

CR’s DecaEdge range is known for performance as well as offering maintenance savings. Proving the latter, the company said its individual lips achieve more than 25,000 operating hours with no major rebuilds, which has resulted in over a 33% reduction in total cost of ownership.

“CR is the only manufacturer to offer a range of cast lips for mining class wheel loaders in the world. The company prides itself on developing innovative, market leading products to help develop and shape the future of mining,” CEO John Barbagallo said. The DecaEdge DE2553 nine-station cast lip for wheel loaders is now available to order worldwide.

CR Mining,

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