Eriez magnetizes Quick Ship offerings

Pennsylvania-based Eriez has added to its already large Quick Ship program for expedited deliveries to mines by offering its TP-25 suspended magnets.

Previously available for sale only in Europe, the products can now be sent to customers in North America. Eriez said its TP-25 and the Eriez CP-20 have cost-efficient price points and offer the same power and performance as earlier versions.

Separation Product Manager Chris Ramsdell said that both magnets are available in self-cleaning and manual cleaning designs.

The CP-20 series of permanent magnets have a continuous, uniform magnetic field across the feed belt, and the TP-25 series magnets have a twin pole magnetic circuit for removal at higher suspension heights.

“The CP-20 and TP-25 suspended magnets have been highly successful in applications where ferrous contaminants must be removed from bulk products – either on a moving conveyor belt or chute,” Eriez said.

Self-cleaning models are available for sale with a standard electric drive or a hydraulic drive.


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