How the Tsubaki ProService Package Supports the Mining Industry

UST ProService Workers in a Mine

In the evolving landscape of the mining industry, maximizing operational efficiency and minimizing downtime are paramount for success. In addition to creating industry-leading products that promote longer operational lifespan, Tsubaki also offers outstanding unmatched service through its ProService Lifecycle Support program. This service offering is transforming the way mining companies manage their equipment, ensuring enhanced productivity, reduced maintenance costs, and…

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Reliability is a Must for Mining Operations

UST Chains

Mining is one of the most punishing environments for wear components. Simply put, equipment durability and reliability are paramount to the long-term success of any mining operation. That’s why Tsubaki Mining Chains are a must-have for any successful operation. Our chains are engineered and proudly manufactured in the USA. And they’re specifically designed to withstand the harsh and demanding conditions…

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Guanajuato Silver Selects Micromine

Colorful mining landscape

Vancouver, BC, Canada – April 19, 2023 – Micromine, a technology market leader in the exploration and mining sector, is pleased to announce that Guanajuato Silver Company Ltd., a major metals producer, has chosen Micromine as their primary geological and mine design software provider. Micromine Origin and Micromine Beyond software will soon be implemented across four active mine sites –…

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Strata Worldwide and Emergency Refuge Chambers

Strata ERCX

Strata Worldwide has been a global name in emergency refuge chambers for mining and tunneling since 2007. Along with its standard steel-sided walk-in units with carbon dioxide scrubbing, air conditioning and battery back-ups, the company pioneered a completely air-powered carbon dioxide scrubber and a fully inflatable, soft-sided refuge chamber for underground coal mines. At the same time, the company introduced…

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Machine Digitalization with StrataHubs

In November 2021, Strata Worldwide began a strategic partnership with Nerospec SK, a technology firm that developed a unique line of intelligent machine controllers and data loggers to interface with the mechanics and sensors of heavy machinery. These controllers, or StrataHubs, collect and wirelessly transmit data off the machines to provide analytics on the current health, maintenance, operating hours, productivity…

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Safety training: Don’t waste your time, use effective methods

Safety training is more than just practice: it gives insights on improved safety processes and regulations. Wearable transponders play a crucial role in gaining such insights during training. They also prove valuable in avoiding, mitigating, and warning of hazards in real work scenarios. To improve safety and working conditions in mines, advanced safety standards have been made mandatory. They include…

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MINExpo INTERNATIONAL® 2021 Provides the Industry with Products and Services to Meet Global Requirements

MINExpo Exhibitor

As global initiatives for clean energy continue to grow, minerals will remain in high demand worldwide. The World Bank estimates three billion tons of minerals and metals will be required for wind, solar, geothermal power and energy storage needed to limit average global warming by two degrees Celsius by 2100. The ambitious objectives set to reduce climate change will affect virtually…

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MINExpo INTERNATIONAL® Empowers the Industry to Meet Global Demand

MINExpo Exhibit

Explore Every Level of Equipment and Technology at the Largest Mining Show of Its Kind Mined materials are the building blocks of every current infrastructure project and all future energy technologies. Responsible for feeding the world’s manufacturing, technology, defense and medical supply chains, demand for mined materials is poised to soar as the global economy recovers and emerging markets require…

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