Federal Screen Products recently outlined a list of the benefits of wedge wire, a hard-wearing alternative to wire mesh and perforated metal filters.

“The nature of the mining environment demands equipment be durable, reliable, and efficient,” the company said. “Wedge wire screen…[has] increased strength, higher flow rates and minimal pressure loss while maintaining clog-free operation when compared to conventional metal filters.”

Wedge wire screens are manufactured by resistance welding V-shaped wire on shaped support rods, with its thousands of fused points creating a honeycomb-like structure for a strong, accurate continuous slot. The result, it noted, is a product that provides accurate flow, distribution and effective media, debris and sediment filtration and retention. 

There are numerous benefits of wedge wire. Some of those include a capability to withstand heavy loads; a high open area that results in higher flow rates and low-pressure loss; a design that is easy to maintain and operate, as the V-shaped surface wire allows for easy cleaning by mechanical means or backflushing; and a low lifetime cost compared to alternate filter methods, saving time and money on maintenance.

Wedge wire screens can be used in several applications for the mining and refining industry. Among the most popular are shaker screens for slurry filtration; froth flotation filters; carbon-in-leach (CIL) and carbon-in-pulp (CIP) interstage screens for gold and silver refining processes; sieve bends and static screens for dewatering; automatic strainer baskets; support grids; water treatment nozzles and pipe and lateral configurations; and water intake screens.

Federal Screen pointed out that its manufacturing offers a broad range for refining applications and specific machines, including large diameter, one-piece construction screens that help lower operational and maintenance costs for mineral processors, saving time and money.