THE SALES MANAGER – Buyers Guide special

So, you might say the days of a Buyers’ Guide have long past – but our research begs to differ. 

When a professional in a particular industry wants to know who markets a specific product to their sector of interest, a Buyers’ Guide takes on a whole new importance. Yes, we can Google who makes a widget, but a marketer of a widget to your industry adds a bit of reliability and satisfaction. That supplier must know your priority for service. They must know the importance of your delivery. They must know your commitment and dedication to product quality. Price, then, is a whole separate issue, and that supplier will provide to you those most important factors needed for your immediate and long-term success. 

The North American Mining magazine Buyers’ Guide comes to you from one of the most experienced sales and editorial teams in mining publications. This print version will be sent to all of our 11,000-plus readers and will be distributed at many of the key North American trade shows all of next year — and a PDF version will be available anytime online. We will be constantly updating and adding to our database in preparation for next year’s guide, but in the meantime save a printed copy so you will always have a list of the most trusted suppliers in the industry. For the supplier, if you’re not listed, you should be. Send us your information and we’ll get you added to our digital lists and you’ll be in next year’s guide. 

Vic Matteucci
Sales Manager, North American Mining magazine
(440 257-7565
[email protected]

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