Conveyor Components unlocks new safety gate for mining

Conveyor Components Company has added to its product line-up with the Model RG Ready Gate adjustable self-closing safety gate.

The Model RG is available in two sizes, to protect 16- to 26-inch or 24- to 40-in. guardrail openings. It meets the current requirements of OSHA 1910 Subpart D as well as ANSI-A1264.1-2017 – both of which require any surface above 48 in. (4 feet) to be guarded by guardrail systems. 

The gate can easily be field mounted as left-opening or right-opening, and the included mounting brackets are adaptable to round or square guardrails between 1 to 2 in. in diameter.

The core of the new release: a stainless steel spring that resists rust while also ensuring the gate closes fully and automatically. Standard construction is a mild steel/carbon steel frame with a UV-resistant red color polyester powder top coating and a zinc-rich primer underneath. In addition to safety yellow, the Ready Gate can be ordered in bright orange.

A strike plate adds additional strength to the gate and a noise dampening foam pad reduces loud noise when the gate closes. 

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