Carlson Mining 2022 released

Carlson Software has unveiled its newest software, which focuses on transparency and mine design and planning control: Carlson Mining 2022.

Officially unveiled this month, Carlson’s 2022 official release includes mining modules for Carlson Geology, Carlson Surface Mining and Carlson Underground Mining, all CAD-based software modules that enable modeling, analyzing and planning capability.

Carlson noted that the new release also includes new additions for drillhole labeling, offering users complete control on formatting, as well as improved Google Earth exporting, which permits engineers to easily share technical drillhole information across a universal interface. 

Carlson Mining 2022 has new routines for underground mine solid creation, viewing and editing; routines that integrate well with Carlson Laser Measurement Devices (LMD) systems for precision mapping and measurement.

“The Carlson Geology block model viewer now has improved loading speed, and the added inspector option allows users to reveal individual block attributes,” Carlson said of the software. Another improvement for 2022: an ability to increase or decrease specific grade opacity for adjustable viewing. 

Further, the command Block Model Statistics can now report by grade parameter for more descriptive reports.

Within Carlson Surface mining, there is a new ability to evaluate mine timing without including non-key/waste material. A feature that was requested by its users, it now allows for accurate mine scheduling at quarries when spoil removal is subcontracted, and non-key tonnage can be tracked through the entire scheduling workflow.

Finally, within Carlson Underground Mining, updates have been introduced for underground solids. 

The Make Solid From Design command now supports vertical alignments and outputs cross-sections and template 3D polylines and, when viewing solids, separate colors can be used to distinguish internal and external faces.

The new Carlson Mining release is part of the overall Carlson 2022 Office Software release with additional modules like Survey, Civil, Hydrology, GIS, CADnet, Construction, and Point Cloud. Carlson 2022 runs on both AutoCAD 2022 and IntelliCAD 10.1.

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