MacLean to launch Application Intelligence campaign at MINExpo

Canadian-based MacLean will be turning its focus even further to electrification, automation and digitalization at the Las Vegas Convention Center for MINExpo 2021, launching its Application Intelligence technology campaign.

The push includes updates on the MacLean battery electric product line as well as teleremote technology, telemetry and virtual reality training technology.

“We have been doing fit-for-purpose mobile equipment manufacturing for the past 50 years, so in one sense, ‘Application Intelligence’ is simply a continuation of the MacLean value proposition to the global mining industry,” President Kevin MacLean said.  

“The only difference is the ramp up of our technology development capabilities and collaboration with producers and other OEMs, to make the underground environment safer and more productive. Understanding the mining cycle and designing solutions that fit the job is what the ‘engineering’ means in MacLean Engineering.”

Adam Howse, who serves as MacLean’s business development manager for the Western U.S. and Canada, said it will be sharing with attendees just how far the company and its technology have come and also how far it still intends to go with emissions-free underground vehicles that can be highly automated in a multi-OEM environment.

“At the same time, this global story of the evolution of smart mining equipment is complemented by a local story for us in northern Nevada, where we established a branch in 2020 and where we continue to expand our aftermarket support capabilities for customers in the historic Elko mining camp as well as across the western United States.”

The company said its launch of the MacLean Application Intelligence campaign includes a new corporate website, a hub for information about its product line for both battery electric and diesel-powered mining vehicles.

Source: MacLean

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