New rescue chamber now available

In mid-June, Sweden-based Jama said its mobile underground chamber, the MRC 2, was available for sale.

The stainless-steel chamber seats up to eight people comfortably at room temperature and has access to clean, fresh air without masks. It is also protected from gas and dust.

To lower the temperature in the rescue chamber, it is showered on the outside with water and can therefore maintain a normal comfortable indoor temperature. Air from a tube maintains an overpressure that prevents pollutants such as dust, smoke or gases from penetrating. 

“This is built up in two steps to ensure overpressure throughout the chamber, even in the air lock,” the company said. 

The MRC 2 is powered by 230 volts, but if the power supply is interrupted, a reliable and well-sized battery pack is activated that lasts up to 50 hours; that capacity can be boosted if needed.

Jama said the MRC 2 meets the current national/international standards and guidelines such as EN16191:2014, HSE and ITA.