Metso Outotec offers linear metallurgical sampler

The newly combined business Metso Outotec introduced its new Linear Metallurgical Sampler (LMS) for monitoring sampling integrity and quality.

Created to measure material balances and help with compliance to AMIRA P754 and other sampling standards, a single LMS unit can compile multiple metallurgical samples and can also be integrated with the Metso Outotec Courier on-line analyzers to further improve process control.

“Each sample can have its own timing, and the system can manage multiple buckets. A simultaneous flexible spot sample can also be taken without any system changes,” the company said.

“Integration of on-line analyzers will enable different types of sampling data to be combined for production analysis purposes.”

The company said major benefits to the LMS are improved process audit and production transparency; more production predictability and control of metallurgical mass balance; a reduced need for manual laboratory assays; reliable and efficient production reporting; and high integrity of samples and maximized equipment availability.

Metso Outotec,

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