Strata Worldwide and Emergency Refuge Chambers

Strata ERCX

Strata Worldwide has been a global name in emergency refuge chambers for mining and tunneling since 2007. Along with its standard steel-sided walk-in units with carbon dioxide scrubbing, air conditioning and battery back-ups, the company pioneered a completely air-powered carbon dioxide scrubber and a fully inflatable, soft-sided refuge chamber for underground coal mines. At the same time, the company introduced…

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Warrior Met Coal bringing longwall back

Coal producer Warrior Met Coal has confirmed plans to relaunch development of its Blue Creek reserves in Alabama into a new longwall mine adjacent to its existing operations in Brookwood, south of Birmingham. Work at the site had been suspended for about two years due to market conditions, along with labor issues and the COVID-19 pandemic. An improvement in the…

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Frontieras selects West Virginia for coal processing facility

Frontieras North America, part of Frontier Applied Sciences, said it has selected a site in Mason County, West Virginia, for its inaugural FASForm coal processing plant, set for commissioning in the last quarter of next year. The 2.7-million-ton-per-year facility, which will employ about 500, will reform coal, waste plastics and hydrogen production by extracting volatiles, moisture and contaminants under a…

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