ASI sells mining unit to Epiroc

Autonomous Solutions has confirmed the divestment of its ASI Mining business unit to Epiroc.

Epiroc now holds all interest in the company after formerly having a 34% stake.

The move, ASI officials said, allows it to focus on expanding its logistics, agriculture, construction, and automotive testing products.

“ASI’s leading OEM-agnostic autonomy platform has propelled ASI Mining to unprecedented success in a short period of time,” CEO Mel Torrie said, adding that both teams can be credited for its help bringing the transaction to fruition.

OEM agnostic automation kits for multiple brands of trucks were transitioned into mass production and ASI’s Mobius command and control software was expanded to optimize large numbers of automated vehicles around-the-clock from hundreds of miles away, ASI said.

Epiroc first took its interest in ASI Mining in 2018.


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