BLM filing moves Paramount Gold’s Grassy Mountain forward

Photo: Paramount Gold Nevada

The Bureau of Land Management has filed a notice of intent, thus initiating the preparation of an environmental impact statement for Paramount Gold Nevada’s proposed Grassy Mountain mine in Oregon.

“The filing of the NOI in the federal registry marks a major milestone, providing a definitive path forward towards the construction and operation of the Grassy Mountain mine,” said Paramount President and COO Glen van Treek.

“The development of Grassy Mountain offers significant potential to provide much-needed employment opportunities and economic growth to Malheur County.”

A 30-day public comment period has commenced. The BLM will host two public meetings, in Vale and Jordan Valley, Ore., to explain the proposed action and scope of the environmental impact statement.

The draft EIS is expected to be available for public review in February 2025 with a 45-day comment period. The final statement is anticipated to be released in August 2025.

A 2022 feasibility study for Grassy Mountain outlines an initial eight-year mine life producing 362,000 ounces of gold and 425,000 oz. of silver.

Source: Paramount Gold Nevada

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