Pride coal mine closes in Kentucky 

Image: 14 News

Employees of the Pride mine in Central City, Kentucky, were recently informed that operation was closing and around 200 employees will be jobless in 60 days, reported local media.

It has yet to be disclosed why the Pride mine is closing. It was the last coal mine in Muhlenberg County.

“We’re actually negotiating a potential deal right now to come close to replacing that number of jobs, but you never really can replace those jobs, especially if you’re one of those people effected, so our hearts go out to them certainly for that,” said Muhlenberg Economic Growth Alliance Executive Director Ray Hagerman.

Hagerman noted that some employees will likely stay on after May 1 to help close down the operation, but he hasn’t seen anything in writing yet.

Pride is owned by American Consolidated Natural Resources and is operated under Muhlenberg County Coal Resources.

Source: 14 News

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