Dräger releases portable personal gas detector

Dräger has released the X-am 5800, which provides measurement options for several gases and can transfer data directly via Bluetooth. 

The portable multi-gas detector simultaneously measures up to six gases, depending on the sensors installed. It represents a new addition to the Dräger X-am series, which already includes the X-am 2800. 

The newly developed Catalytic Ex-Sensor (CatEx SR) is robust and can be used for measuring flammable vapors, such as petrol, diesel and nonane, and the gases methane, propane and hydrogen. It has an automatic full range option available for methane, allowing for gas measurements of up to 100 volume percent. Furthermore, the sensor is particularly resistant to contamination from silicone or other harmful substances.

In comparison to the X-am 2800, it is possible to equip the X-am 5800 with a greater number of different sensors for the measurement of toxic gases, such as chlorine, ammonia, hydrogen, cyanide and many other dangerous gases. The optional “Toxic Twin” function, for example, triggers a special alarm when carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide are present together in the ambient air.

Dräger develops and produces the sensors in-house, including the electrochemical sensors. These sensors are therefore perfectly matched to this device. With the external X-am pump, the X-am 5800 can also be used for clearance measurements, as can the X-am 28001, which was launched only last year. 

Direct transfer of data to the cloud
The X-am 5800 can be used with the Dräger Gas Detection Connect cloud-based software solution, which digitalizes asset management and facilitates live data transmission. Here, the gas detector transfers the data via Bluetooth to a smartphone, which then sends it to the Dräger Gas Detection Connect Cloud. With the automatic test station, Dräger X-dock, data can also be transferred to the same cloud backend without a smartphone. Users can safely access their data at any time using an internet browser. 

Solidly built, simple to use
A new sturdy clip, combined with the device’s small size and low weight, makes the X-am 5800 easy to carry around. The large buttons also mean it is easy to operate, even while wearing gloves. Important information, such as measured gas values, alarms and the time, are easily viewed on the large display. A green status light indicates that the device is ready for operation. User guidance is language free. The X-am 5800 is approved for Ex zone 0 and has been tested in accordance with ingress protection class IP 68.

Continued use of current accessories
When developing the X-am 5800, Dräger placed particular emphasis on sustainability. This means Dräger X-am series accessories, such as the battery charger, X-dock test station or calibration adapter, can also be used with the new X-am 5800. The durable Dräger sensors, as well as the rechargeable (and easily exchangeable) energy supply, ensure the long service life of the device. The technical documentation and packaging have been designed to use as little paper as possible. When ordering more than two devices as part of a kit, the number of operating instructions is kept to a minimum. Dräger will also take back used devices and ensure they are professionally recycled.

Dräger Safety AG & Co. KGaA is the manufacturer of the X-am 5800. 

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