Connected gas detector with new CatEx sensor

Dräger has unveiled its X-am 2800 multi-gas detector for personal monitoring, which can measure up to four gases and is equipped with the new shock resistant CatEx sensor.

The new detector has been optimized for use with the cloud-based Dräger Gas Detection Connect software solution. The data recorded by the device can be transferred directly via Bluetooth to a smartphone, and then to the Gas Detection Connect platform.

For efficient fleet management, the data can also be transferred directly to Gas Detection Connect using the Dräger X-dock test station to give users secure access to the data at any time through an internet browser.

The newly engineered CatEx sensor is particularly shock resistant and can be configured for flammable vapors such as gasoline, diesel and nonane, or for gases like methane, propane and hydrogen. Moreover, the sensor is especially resistant to poisonous substances.

Sturdy design and easy to use 

Thanks to its small size and low weight, the X-am 2800 can be worn conveniently on a clip. Its large buttons make it easy to use while wearing gloves and its prominent display features a language-free user interface and clearly shows important information such as gas readings, alarms and the time. Additionally, it is equipped with a green status light (D-light) to indicate when the unit is ready for use. 

Approved for use in Ex zone 0, the X-am 2800 has also been tested according to protection class IP68. 

Keep using existing accessories

Accessories from the Dräger X-am series are compatible with the X-am 2800, including the charger, X-dock station and calibration adapter. Dräger sensors and the rechargeable, easy-to-replace power supply ensure the device remains operational for many years. Moreover, the X-am 2800 was engineered with sustainability in mind.

The technical documentation and packaging have been designed to save paper, and the number of instruction manuals can be reduced when ordering two or more units in the modular version. 

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