Sandvik completes rotary offering with newest bit

Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions has introduced the new Sandvik RR340 single seal roller bearing rotary drill bit, rounding out its rotary offering. With it, the OEM noted, customers can achieve 45% longer service life compared to standard products, as well as lower total drilling costs.

Some of the technology that provides the Sandvik RR340 with its longevity includes an abrasion-resistant radial seal. Its shape delivers extended bearing hours and greater reliability compared to conventional seals. In addition, Sandvik RR340 features a low friction bearing that minimizes friction and heat generation, which can otherwise cause wear and reduce efficiency.

“Sandvik RR340 rounds out our offering within rotary bits, ensuring that customers in all segments and applications can find the ideal choice for their operation,” said Sandra Arman, Product Manager Rotary Bits at Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions’ Rock Tools Division. 

“Field tests have demonstrated significant cost savings potential. Compared to equivalent standard air bearing bits, a typical surface mine drilling 1.5 million meters per year could expect to save more than US$800,000 annually with Sandvik RR340. This is truly the single seal effect.”

Sandvik’s rotary bit offering also includes the standard air bearing bit Sandvik RR240 and the ultra-premium Charger RR440 and RR450 bits. Sandvik RR340 is available now in sizes ranging from 6¾ -12 ¼ inches.

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