Micromine releases reserving functionality for Micromine Spry

Micromine has announced the addition of reserving functionality to its best-in-class soft-rock mine scheduling and haulage modeling software Micromine Spry.

Accurate coal reserve estimates are essential for maximizing production, ensuring longevity, and achieving profitability in coal mining operations. Although, constantly updating estimates for scheduling is often a tedious process.

Industry consultation by Micromine uncovered vast inefficiencies and lost time incorporating regular, accurate, and up-to-date reserving data into schedules – mainly stemming from the need to export data and switching applications.

In contrast, Micromine Spry’s new reserving functionality simplifies this process by consolidating reserving and scheduling tools and eliminating the need for switching between applications to generate precise reserve data. This powerful functionality streamlines workflows, allowing for swift modification of schedules based on the latest reserve estimates, and unlocks valuable time for mining engineers to improve schedules.

“The reserving functionality elevates Micromine Spry’s industry-leading performance to a new level,” said Chief Strategy and Product Officer Kiril Alampieski.

“Micromine Spry is already renowned for its modeling speed, with complex schedules running in seconds. By adding the reserving functionality, we have created an all-encompassing solution that delivers accurate results in a fraction of the time.”

“Bringing more of the scheduling process into Micromine Spry means our customers will enjoy seamless and more efficient workflows, which helps them make better decisions to optimise their operations and boost their confidence in the operational and budgetary outcomes for their mines,” added Alampieski.

The new reserving functionality comes with a suite of robust tools that includes quality calculations from grid and block models, cutting, labeling and manipulation tools for quick data transformation, and spatial reporting capabilities.

Micromine Spry’s reserving functionality is now available to all customers as part of existing subscriptions.

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