CO2Meter offers portable welding gas analyzer

CO2Meter has released its new portable CO2 welding gas analyzer that verifies correct CO2 concentrations in welding gases mixes. The highly anticipated CM-1650 measures mixed cylinder gas or blended gas at a mixer to ensure the accuracy of your gas and purity of your welds. 

With preconfigured measurements for C5, C10, C15, C25 and C50 as well as custom settings, the CM-1650 provides the broadest measurement to the American Welding Society (AWS) standard in the market. 

“In designing this device, we were sure to work together with the American Welding Society and Gases and Welding Distributors Association to develop an analyzer that is built specifically to identify inaccuracies in mixed welding gases and to ensure AWS standards are adhered to,” said CO2Meter CEO Travis Lenander. 

“The CM-1650’s launch not only provides industry professionals the ability to verify that their gas meets requirements, but also provides quality assurance that their end weld product is the highest standard. The previous lack of quality and affordable devices to accomplish these analyses is something that we viewed as a true gap in the market and an area where our gas analysis expertise could provide a true solution for end users.” 

Accurately measuring and analyzing multiple welding gas mixes from 0% to 100% CO2 concentration is a significant advance in the welding industry. Yet, it is not the only new feature that can be found in the portable CO2 welding gas analyzer. Customers will also be able to control and set their own custom blend gas selections dependent upon their preferred concentration range. 

The device can achieve this by utilizing four high-quality NDIR CO2 sensing components at its core. By using four sensors, the device can provide maximum accuracy at different measurement ranges dependent upon the customers use case.

Having designed the CM-1650 in conjunction with major and independent industrial gas suppliers, welding school faculty, and welding professionals, this allowed CO2Meter to also integrate features critical to its partner’s needs. The CM-1650 logs all the device data to a micro-SD card for easy retrieval for data analysis – specifically to ensure the requirements of welding inspectors and auditors. Additionally, the gas concentrations as well as a “GO/STOP” indicator can also be displayed on the full-color, LCD display.

“The last year has really allowed us to identify an opportunity in the market and create a product which provides a solution for our partners in the gases and welding world,” said CO2Meter Executive Vice President Josh Pringle, noting plans to add oxygen sensing and analysis into an enhanced model in mid-2023.