ABB Ability Smart Sensor for remote monitoring

ABB is now enabling customers to remotely monitor the health and performance of general machinery with the ABB Ability Smart Sensor, a key element of the ABB Ability Digital Powertrain.

The smart sensor turns rotating equipment including drives, motors and applications such as pumps, into smart, wireless connected assets. The innovative solution is designed to detect potential asset disturbances and planned maintenance before the reliability, productivity and safety of machinery are impacted. 

The sensor fits to the asset surface, collecting and transmitting data via smartphone or gateway to a secure cloud service. Advanced algorithms analyze the data to provide real-time insights into the condition and performance of monitored assets. 

The asset to be monitored is chosen during commissioning. All components of a powertrain can be monitored via one portal; either individually or as part of the complete powertrain.

The ABB Ability Smart Sensor is ideal for application in hazardous areas and harsh environments. The sensor’s enclosure is designed to withstand high vibration levels and protects from total dust ingress (IP66/67). The sensor is certified for ATEX, IECEx and NEC 500. 

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