BHP nabs Normet for BEV fleet order

BHP has awarded a contract for a fleet of underground-specific battery-electric utility vehicles to Normet Canada in a deal under undisclosed terms.

The fleet units are headed for BHP’s Jansen potash project in Saskatchewan. Delivery is expected to begin in the first quarter of next year and extend through 2024.

“BHP aims to develop the underground mining equipment and automation solutions with a focus on sustainability,” Normet said.  

“Emissions reduction, improved productivity and advanced health and welfare of employees were key inputs to BHP Jansen’s decision to adopt BEV technology. With the mine’s pursuit of electrification of mobile equipment and technology that mitigates natural gas emission, Jansen is expected to emit about half the average CO2 per [metric ton] of product compared to the average Saskatchewan potash mine.”

The Jansen project, which should see first production in 2026, could be the world’s largest potash-producing mine and could operate for up to a century.

Source: Normet

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