Schlam releases Hercules EXO dump body

Australian equipment producer Schlam has launched its newest product targeting increased payload as well as a longer service life, the Hercules EXO dump body.

The 240-tonne class, iron ore-specific body comes in 20% lighter in weight than its previous Hercules release, along with a complete redesign. That reduced weight offers a greater payload potential, and the material selection made for the body offers a 100% increase in service life.

Schlam CEO Matt Thomas noted that it used hybrid steel thickness, combined with Hardox 500 Tuf steel from Swedish steelmaker SSAB in the wearing areas of the product – which made the difference for the new release versus its predecessors.

With the body now available, Thomas added that miners no longer have to have any compromise between payload and that longer service life. In all, R&D to get to the point of release of the high-performance dump body took two decades.

The extra service life has three added benefits: cost, safety and the environment, according to the company.

“Compared to the heavy-duty products on the market that utilize liner packages, the payload potential of the Hercules EXO is far more significant. It also does not require the labor-intensive wear plate replacement events needed to achieve target body life,” Thomas explained.

“When you factor in stored energy, working at heights, craneage, welding and more, liner replacement is high-risk work. The Hercules EXO removes these risks making it a safer option for miners.”

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