Tombstone marks second pour from production

Arizona-based explorer and miner Tombstone Exploration Corp. confirmed on Aug. 18 that, thanks to a positive run of production, it produced its second gold-silver dore bar at the Bonanza Harquahala mine in Salome.

The company made the announcement in combination with Goldrock Resources and Bonanza Mining Co. The dore was stripped from Bonanza’s activated carbon by Metals Research and sent to Metalor USA Refining for final disposition. 

“This is more than a 300% increase from the 83.7 oz. of dore from the first pour announced on July 13,” company officials said.

“Reaching another milestone event with the changes that we continue to make on the Bonanza Leach System, we improve production as the project moves forward.”

Leaching first began at the Bonanza Harquahala mine on June 3, when pH levels allowed for leaching to be performed safely and sustainably. Now, approximately 35,000 tons of rock have been placed on the leach pad and the entire area is under leach. 

Tombstone noted that carbon is now placed in all four of its carbon columns and is collecting gold and silver from the solution. As production continues to ramp up, Bonanza Mining will stack and load the pad with 465,000 tons of additional crushed rock.

The Bonanza mine property includes the Harquahala and Golden Eagle mines.