Teck’s Elkview Expansion Commissioned

Canadian coal operator Teck Resources said it started the commissioning process for the saturated rock fill (SRF) facility expansion at its Elkview met coal complex.

The program, which was said to be on schedule, commenced in the last quarter of 2020, and has the potential to help the mine double its water treatment system capacity to 20 million liters per day.

Th SRF had already been nearly completely removing selenium and nitrate at the rate of 10 million liters of water daily since 2018 under an existing project via the Elk Valley Water Quality Plan (EVWQP). Now that this second treatment facility has finished, two more are planned at the Fording River complex and are already under construction.

Teck’s ultimate goal is to treat 47.5 million liters daily later this year, nearly two-and-a-half times its capacity rate from last year.

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