FLSmidth checks in, adds CheckProof

FLSmidth has grown its partnership with software-as-a-service (SaaS) company CheckProof, digitizing its maintenance and workflow through use of the ChekProof app.

Designed to help provide sustainable productivity for mining ad well as cement customers worldwide, CheckProof can be used in these applications to report front-line tasks on any mobile device. It can also aid in securing routines, traceability and followups.

CheckProof has been implemented to digitize processes for FLSmidth and provide quality control for its final assembly inspections at the company’s manufacturing locations. In fact, the company said it has already digitized its own front-line work on sites in Arizona, China, India and Kazakhstan.

“[It] has given us the opportunity to change the way we work, to build a coherent and standard methodology to digitize our maintenance services deliverables at one of our customer’s sites,” said Tony Durant, head of mining service execution for Europe, Russia and North Africa at FLSmidth.

“It offers an easy way for us to monitor the status of equipment and all daily maintenance activities. The tool itself is easy to use and can be quickly adopted for different kinds of equipment maintenance scenarios. This, combined with the ability to construct libraries within CheckProof, allows working procedures, with only minor adaption needs, to be scaled quickly, so minimizing repeated work creation effort.”

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