US Critical Materials to use AI in exploration activities 

US Critical Materials has entered a strategic exploration alliance with VerAI Discoveries, an AI-powered mineral discovery generator focused on uncovering essential critical minerals for the sustainable future. 

The AI Targeting Platform technology will allow US Critical Materials to detect minerals under covered terrain and to minimize surface disturbances at its Sheep Creek rare earth properties in Montana. US Critical Materials said it intends to use the technology to set new industry standards for environmentally conscious mineral exploration activities.

“Our focus on environmentally responsible exploration is greatly enhanced by the utilization of advanced artificial intelligence technology by more precisely focusing on potential target areas and thereby minimizing surface disturbance,” said US Critical Materials President Jim Hendrick.

“The addition of this cutting-edge AI will augment US Critical Materials’ current exploration methodologies. We are pleased to utilize VerAI’s next-generation AI technology and unique capabilities to enhance the geophysical and other data in our exploration program going forward.”

The Sheep Creek deposits contain some of the highest grades of rare earth minerals in the United States including at least 13 of the currently listed critical minerals.

Source: US Critical Materials 

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