Mining Association of Canada, Copper Mark collaborate on pilot

The Mining Association of Canada (MAC) and the Copper Mark are collaborating on an important pilot project to enhance the assurance processes of both organization’s standards.

As part of this project, MAC and the Copper Mark are merging their respective assurance processes for pilot testing by MAC members undergoing Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) verification in 2024, with the Copper Mark secretariat managing the assurance process on behalf of MAC. The association said it expects nearly all of its members’ facilities undergoing verification to do so, which represents approximately 30 facilities.

“TSM and the Copper Mark have established a close working relationship and already collaborate on cross-recognition of their respective protocols/standards, implemented through integrated audits, joint training and accreditation of assurance providers,” said Pierre Gratton, president and chief executive of MAC.

“We have learned from each other over the past few years, helping each to develop and refine tools, processes and policies such as assurance processes, conflict of interest policies or assessment reports. This pilot takes this relationship to an exciting new level.”

TSM and the Copper Mark believe this closer partnership will significantly strengthen the value proposition for miners and their facilities implementing either TSM or the Copper Mark or both and for customers seeking to buy responsibly produced materials.

Source: Mining Association of Canada

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