Sandvik unveils Toro LH514iE loader

Sandvik recently introduced the AutoMine-ready Toro LH514iE loader, a revamped version of its 14-metric-ton cable-electric loader. The loader builds on its predecessor, Sandvik LH514E, with several new updates to enhance safety and productivity.

Sandvik, which has been delivering electric mining loaders for more than 35 years, built on its legacy and integrated the latest electrification, digitalization and automation technologies, making Toro LH514iE Sandvik’s latest solution for electrifying and automating underground loading.

The Toro LH514iE is the latest automated cable-electric loader designed with AutoMine integrated capabilities, offering customers flexibility to upgrade from manual to autonomous operations at any time in the equipment’s lifespan. From AutoMine Tele-Remote entry-level smart tele-operation, which offers standard features and capabilities, to AutoMine Core’s highly advanced automation system providing the most robust set of features for mass mining applications, customers can choose the right automation for their mine’s needs.

Unlike BEVs that require battery swapping or quick-charging, or diesel equipment that needs refueling, as long as Toro LH514iE’s cable is plugged into the mine electric grid, the loader is ready for productive work. The unique high-capacity cable reeling system has an operating range of up to 330 meters.

Toro LH514iE loader can help improve working conditions underground for operators and other mine personnel. In addition to not producing diesel emissions, the electric motor contributes to improved working conditions by emitting lower levels of noise, vibration and heat.

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