Eclipse releases SourceOne EKPS enhancements

Data technology solutions provider Eclipse Mining Technologies, developer of the SourceOne Enterprise Knowledge Performance System (EKPS), has announced the launch of its latest release of enhancements, a significant expansion of its product capabilities. 

This milestone comes as mining and other similar big data industries continue to face increasingly complex data challenges that coincide with the exponential acceleration in the development and accessibility of artificial intelligence tools. At the core of this latest release lies a schema that acknowledges the need for data to undergo a transformative process in order to become prepared for its utilization by artificial intelligence tools and for knowledge generation.

The new release details include: 

  • An enhanced integration layer to achieve genuine data integration;
  • An ontology layer to enrich data meaning with extensive context; 
  • A modeling layer with knowledge graphs to capture and visualize relationships between data objects;
  • Enhanced automation to provide answers on demand; and
  • The ability to incorporate advanced analytics (via external AI models) to unlock additional value.

According to Eclipse, data holds immense value, but only when it is actively utilized. The foundation of a knowledge system lies in extracting insights from data and empowering users to leverage that knowledge effectively. 

“By employing ontology, computers can comprehend and interpret data, thereby enabling thorough analysis and operationalization of information for practical use. The introduction of a knowledge graph within SourceOne allows for modeling the unique complexities of each operation and provides a shared understanding of data across domains, revolutionizing data integration capabilities. With this release, data becomes a driving force that empowers users in ways previously unimaginable,” it said. 

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