Philippi-Hagenbuch spotlights load ejector system

Designed for improved haul truck efficiency, the new Philippi-Hagenbuch Load Ejector System is now available to help sites virtually eliminate material carryback, effectively increase load capacity and improve operational efficiency.

It allows operations to haul the full rated capacity with each load and reduce downtime associated with removing carryback from the truck. Load ejectors are professionally engineered to fit the exact make and model of any articulated or rigid frame off-highway haul truck and address the specific areas of the body where material tends to build up.

“Sticky materials, such as clay, dirt, mud, fly ash and bottom ash, tend to build up in haul truck bodies, minimizing volumetric capacity when carried back with the truck for the next load,” the company said.

“The Load Ejector System consists of an overlapping jointed plate lattice design that rests flat against the front slope and floor inside of the truck body. When the body is raised, the Load Ejector separates from the truck bed by gravity, removing material as it hangs vertically away from the body. This leaves an empty truck with its full capacity for the next load.”

Josh Swank, vice president of Sales and Marketing at Philippi-Hagenbuch, pointed out that it often sees operations accumulate up to 50% of their truck body’s volumetric capacity in carryback, and stressed the costs to haul that material back and forth can really add up – both in lost payload and in additional truck wear and tear.

On top of that, removing it requires significant downtime for the haul truck as well as potentially an excavator, which may be tasked with scraping out the material. Operators are also taken away from their regular production roles for 20 minutes or more per truck that needs to be cleaned out, too. “Load Ejectors help operations save valuable time and resources,” he added. 

Philippi-Hagenbuch engineers load ejectors with three different mounting styles, each allowing for easy installation and removal. The standard mount is used for carryback that accumulates on the front slope of the body but not on a majority of the floor surface.

The built-up mount is engineered to address material that sticks to the front slope as well as down and back toward the rear of the body floor. The rotating mount provides full-length coverage from the front slope to the rear of the body floor and automatically pulls away from the truck body when the bed is dumped. 

Additionally, the company offers two material options to match the Load Ejector with different applications. The standard-duty design is made of high-strength Grade 80 steel and is intended for operations with a minimal abrasion, while the heavy-duty design is built with Hardox 450 Steel for applications that haul highly abrasive materials. 

“Our entire focus is on engineering custom solutions that help each operation address the unique challenges affecting their off-highway haul truck efficiency,” said Swank. “Efficiency starts with using the truck’s full rated capacity, and Load Ejectors allow operations to haul what they are entitled to with every load, utilizing their existing truck beds.”

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