New Sandvik battery offers boosted BEV runtime

Sandvik has introduced a higher-capacity battery for its battery-electric vehicle (BEV) loaders and trucks that delivers 36% more energy in the same envelope and is ideal for underground mining.

Featuring the same less volatile lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry ideal for underground mining, the new battery is a leap forward in safety, reliability and performance.

In addition to 36% longer runtime, customers can expect a lower cost per amp-hour compared to current-generation Artisan battery packs. The increased capacity also improves charge acceptance, enabling faster downhill speeds and better efficiency.

“This new battery represents 13 years of technology evolution for Artisan battery packs,” said Product Line Manager for Batteries and Chargers Joseph Beck.

“By utilizing the latest generation of larger LFP battery cells, we’ve optimized energy density to enable our largest BEV loaders and trucks to operate 36 percent longer between battery swaps. Our simulations show that customers will be able to eliminate one swap every shift in some applications.”

Purpose-built for underground mining and designed and manufactured in-house by Sandvik, the new battery maintains the modularity and ruggedness of the existing pack and features significant design improvements.

A revamped housing and increased rigidity enhance structural strength, enabling the battery to better withstand shock and vibration. Laser-welded terminals provide a stronger connection with lower resistance, reducing energy loss and heat while improving efficiency and safety. Top and bottom cooling plates improve cooling performance to slow cell degradation and extend life. Key design improvements also include better ingress protection against dust and moisture.

The next-generation LFP battery cells are fully encapsulated in a non-conductive potting material, increasing thermal conductivity and reducing the risk of overheating and short circuit. Sandvik has also redesigned its battery management system for improved reliability and function. This safety feature monitors every cell’s temperature and voltage to ensure everything is within operational range.

The new high-capacity battery is designed to meet ranging market requirements and international standards including UL, CE, UN and IEC. It is easily retrofittable with Sandvik Z40, Sandvik Z50, Sandvik LH518B and Sandvik TH550B units currently operating in the field. It is expected to be commercially available from Q4 2023 and equipped as standard on all new Sandvik BEV loader and truck orders.

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