Zelandez enters North American market

Photo: Zelandez

Lithium brinefield services provider Zelandez will now offer its cutting-edge subsurface sensors, exploration, and extraction solutions to American and Canadian lithium mines, enabling them to develop their brine resources more efficiently.

Zelandez’s expansion into the North American market is driven by several factors, including the need for modernization and upgrades in existing U.S. lithium mines; the lack of a significant domestic lithium battery supply chain; and the growing demand for lithium batteries in the United States, projected to be worth $55 billion per year by 2030.

“It’s time to upgrade lithium production in North America. The challenge of U.S. lithium supply constraints presents an enormous opportunity for our bespoke lithium technology and solutions,” said Zelandez CEO Gene Morgan.

“Our extensive experience serving lithium mining companies in the South American lithium triangle places us in an ideal position to make a significant contribution to the North American lithium industry. This is critical for the world’s energy transition. We are optimistic for the North American market this decade.” 

Zelandez’s Borehole Magnetic Resonance (BMR) technology differs from traditional methods, such as RBRC core samples and pump and packer testing, by providing real-time, high-resolution data for more accurate and efficient decision-making. Unlike conventional methods, Zelandez noted, BMR technology eliminates the need for time-consuming lab testing and delivers data directly to our clients.

The company’s client roster includes industry giants such as Rio Tinto, Albemarle and Allkem. Its North American headquarters is located in Austin, Texas.

Source: Zelandez

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