Brigade Electronics introduces new sensor fusion system

Brigade Electronics has unveiled its latest safety solution: the Brigade Fusion system. 

Its sensor fusion technology combines Brigade’s range of safety devices, including its 360-degree camera, radar obstacle detection and M2M RTLS technology, to predict collisions providing the operator with appropriate and timely alerts and, if required, signal the machine to prevent movement, slow down or stop entirely in the event its operator is unable to react in time. 

The new system is currently being trialed by an unnamed customer. The supplier noted it provides Level 7, Level 8 and Level 9 collision avoidance and will deliver the ultimate in worksite safety for off-road mining mobile equipment and construction equipment. 

“The solution is a result of extensive research and development bringing together third-party technology with our range of high-quality safety devices to create the ultimate safety solution for work sites,” Sales Development Manager Henry Morgan said.

“For operators, it provides the most robust layer of protection and additional peace of mind. With Level 9, in the event the operator is unable to react in time, signals will be sent to slow and/or stop the machine. Importantly, the solution is not only modular, but it is also able to integrate with other customer hardware, so it can be designed to meet the customer’s specification.” 

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