Metso Outotec consolidates, boosts testing capabilities

With the goal of covering the full minerals value chain to support the mining industry worldwide, Metso Outotec has announced the consolidation of its minerals testing services in the U.S. into a single 5,500-square-meter (about 59,000 sq. ft.) facility in York, Pa.

The center’s capabilities will be key, as the company said its volume of testing activity has increased significantly during the last year.

“With more space and operations in one place, we can do a lot more linked and pilot-scale testing,” process engineering director Alan Boylston said.

“The test center in York specializes in standard and proprietary grinding tests in both laboratory and pilot scale, focusing also on grinding R&D in close cooperation with our office in York. The addition of pyro testing capabilities allows us to run calcining, induration, and drying tests, too. Currently, we are also building new capabilities for bench and laboratory scale thickening and filtration tests.”

Test center manager Mike Price noted that allowing for accurate equipment selection with the appropriate process guarantees requires the company to focus on the details of each customer test program. 

“With the expanded equipment and automation capabilities, we can now do, for example, Planet Positive flowsheet tests with pilot-scale HRC 800e high pressure grinding roll (HPGR) and follow immediately with Vertimill grinding and filtration testing,” he said, adding that the center is equipped to find the most suitable, energy-efficient solution for any project.


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