CEEC launches sustainability podcast

Independent nonprofit industry advocacy group The Coalition for Eco Efficient Comminution (CEEC) has introduced a new podcast series on the topic of mining sustainability, which listeners can download free of charge.

Entitled CEECing Change – the Podcast where Industry Collaborates on Eco-efficient Minerals, the series has been created for those interested in sustainability with each episode featuring interviews with individuals driving the transition to greater energy efficiency.

The first five episodes of the new podcast have already been released and highlight the topics of innovation, best practice, decarbonization, net zero, sustainability and more eco-efficient comminution.

The initial episode guide includes:

One: Dean Gehring, executive vice president of Newmont, regarding Newmont’s work and its environmental, social and governance (ESG) targets.

Two: 2020 CEEC Operations Medal winners Alan Boylston (Metso Outotec), Isaias Arce (Metso Outotec), Kevin Murray (formerly Newmont) and Peter Lind (formerly Newmont) on the occasion of their Medal presentations in North America, as well as Mark Adams (formerly Metso Outotec). They discuss the inspiration for their winning work, which was a collaboration between Newmont and Metso Outotec, as well as their thoughts on the future of comminution and mineral processing.

Three: Peter Lind of Newmont and Bryan Rairdan of Teck Resources, following the presentation of the 2020 CEEC Medal, with the topics of decarbonizing energy systems into mine sites, improving water efficiency, and some of the ways that important investor and community ESG and net zero expectations are being considered by technology leaders.

Four: Simon Hille of Eldorado Gold and Mark Adams (formerly Metso Outotec), following the presentation of the 2020 CEEC Medal, with a conversation focusing on energy- and water-efficient minerals including ways to innovate, important drivers of change, and key factors to help commercialize and scale more eco-efficient mineral processing.

Five: Grant Ballantyne of Ausenco, after the presentation of his 2020 CEEC Medal for outstanding work, discussing technologies crucial to reducing mining’s footprint, including how improving processing efficiency could reduce energy, water and tailings by up to 50%.

CEEC, which will release new episodes every two weeks, said it is hoping to continue to lead positive change by discussing and sharing knowledge and bring important topical conversations to a wider audience.

All podcast episodes will be available on the CEEC website, https://www.ceecthefuture.org/.

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