Sulzer launches pump upgrade

Sulzer has released an upgrade to its VA vertical cantilever sump pump, designed for highly demanding applications including heavy slurry.

Sulzer, which called the upgrade an extension to its pump range, said it is ideal for pumping all kinds of clean and contaminated liquids and slurry; this includes industrial water, effluents, hazardous fluids, abrasive liquids and/or liquids containing large solids, abrasive fibrous slurries and/or fibrous slurries containing large solids, abrasive non-fibrous slurries and/or non-fibrous slurries containing large solids and more.

“The main purpose of the upgrade project was to develop a rigid and reliable cantilever sump pump that contains Sulzer’s most efficient hydraulics,” Sulzer said. “The hydraulic coverage was extended with energy-efficient, non-clogging and wear-resistant options, and it now includes the core process and slurry pump portfolio hydraulics. With the upgrade, multiple improvements were also made to the vertical construction.”

Sulzer’s VA pumps come with high reliability and performance. An extensive range of materials, including abrasion-resistant and corrosion-resistant options, ensures exceptional resistance against wear and guarantees high durability of the pump.

In addition to pumping technology, the fluid engineering company also offers agitation, mixing, separation and application technologies for fluids of all types.