Boart Longyear launches LM Deephole underground rig

Boart Longyear has targeted productivity with the release of its new LM Deephole underground drilling rig.

The new rig will build off its already-popular LM110 and Nitro-Chuck platforms and features a new PQ drill head. As a unit, the new drill will provide the user a 50% increase in drilling depth for NQ size. 

Product Manager Erik Gaugh said the rig combines the established platformed with several new technologies so it can offer customers what they want. “As with all LM drills, the rig can be operated with remote control through the DCi (Drill Control Interface) and supplied with a rod handler for enhanced safety,” he said, noting that this significantly reduces a driller’s exposure to a significant hazard: potential hand injuries.

“When paired together, drillers can utilize semi-autonomous drill routines over breaks and shift changes which have been found to increase productivity of up to 14%,” he added.

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