Aramine – Booth 1779 (Spare parts and components) and Booth 28031 (Machines)

Aramine wants to highlight its battery powered development on its machine at Booth 28031 with Lithium Iron Phosphate chemical technology and will display its famous exclusive QRS, Quick Replacement System, which ensure a full-time running machine, now mounted on Aramine battery powered miniLoader L140B and soon on a new 3.5-tonne mining loader, the L350B.

Under the name “Smart Parts”, Aramine also offers a wide range of genuine underground mining spare parts and components (OES) that will be displayed at Aramine Booth 1779. The French company has more than 1.5 million manufacturers’ references computerized. Aramine also offers all kinds of on-site services, such as audit, training, start-up and maintenance.

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