Cat unveils 395 excavator

In February, Caterpillar said it released the Cat 395 excavator, a next-generation unit it said can offer contractors up to 10% more production, double the structural durability and lower maintenance expenses by 20 versus its predecessor the 390F.

Worldwide product manager for Caterpillar large excavators Briant Abbott said the new release’s swing torque and stick force have been upped by 10% in the 395, which allows users to use larger buckets for much greater productivity. Another advantage of the 395’s production is a new dedicated hydrostatic swing circuit, leading to greater fuel efficiency and a smoother, more predictable performance when multitasking.

Three modes of operation are available: Power, Smart and ECO, he noted: “Power mode is maximum power at all times; ECO mode lowers engine speed and cycle times while maintaining breakout force. Smart mode takes the guesswork out by automatically matching engine and hydraulic power to the actual digging conditions – all to reduce fuel consumption and optimize performance.”

It also has a cooling system with an on-demand fan designed to operate only when required to save fuel. An auto reverse function is available to assist with cleaning debris from the cooling cores for better efficiency.

The machine features Cat Payload for increased loading efficiency, Cat Grade with 2D for visual guidance to grade for an operator via a touchscreen monitor, and Lift Assist – a new safety feature to aid in keeping the excavator from tipping.

The unit’s Auto Hammer Stop prevents unnecessary wear and tear on the attachment and machine. It also features Cat Product Link and has optional Work Tool Recognition.


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